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Specifications and characteristics of medium-frequency heat-treatment and tempering equipment

In recent years, intermediate frequency heat treatment quenching and tempering equipment has been widely used in steel heating and heat treatment oil steel pipe in order to improve product quality) reduce cost (foreign induction heat treatment furnace in steel pipe, especially in stone less investment) improve working conditions) in steel heating and heat treatment oil steel pipe normalization and conditioning heat treatment and widely use intermediate frequency induction heating furnace) such as some continuous development of Longsta Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.) Pipe forging press, steel pipe extruder and cross wedges mill billet addition, as well as Kawasaki Iron and Steel Company of Japan, all have intermediate frequency induction heat treatment) steel bar quenching and heat treatment) oil drill pipe end heating) oil drill pipe and tool joint weld heat treatment) welding induction heating heat treatment of steel pipe is also more common) pipe welding seam heat treatment and so on. In addition to the oil casing induction heating conditioning unit! No matter in the induction heat treatment unit! The steel pipe rotates forward! At the same time, in order to set the diameter machine and hot straightening machine and cold straightening machine, I suggest that the length of the heating section of the steel pipe is not large in the heat treatment process! Keep the cold straightening machine on both sides (the first two items of equipment! Estimated price about

Caught in a delivery roll! After returning to the furnace, they are equipped with cold beds with good straightening function! therefore! Basic aspects of roundness equipment for medium frequency heat treatment and tempering equipment of steel pipe after heat treatment! Intermediate frequency induction heating furnace only variable and straightness attached to the standard% in these petroleum steel pipe induction frequency power supply (cabinets and induction coils and supports! And heating and conditioning units! There is no steel pipe diameter fixing machine & thermal straightening machine steel pipe conveying roller table and other equipment! The foundation is very simple% and stepping and cold straightening machine but I suggest equipped with a cold straightening machine quenching furnace and return furnace foundation is very large! The base cost is also more reliable (! So as to save investment in the plant! Induction heating and conditioning unit covers an area of less equipment and simple area is also small temperature. The conditioning unit of step heating furnace has done a lot of work in the heat treatment of steel pipe induction heating in our country! Accumulated a lot of experience! At present, there are conditions to promote this (if frequency conversion power supply “domestic (medium frequency sensing technology”), of course, according to the output and requirements of the product before the promotion! The technical level of the power supply has reached the same level as that of foreign countries “compared with the local energy structure and price of thyristor intermediate frequency induction furnace! electricity supply and other conditions.”

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