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Some Highlights of pipe heating equipment from Forever

 Some Highlights of pipe heating equipment from Forever 

Forever has supply the pipe heating equipment over than 12 years.Our company is the professional manufacturers of different induction heating equipment which has a wide application to the steel bar.steel pipe,stainless pipe and copper bars no matter the size.Forever can provide you the good quality equipment equipped the new generation induction heating system and service one you give the chance to cooperate with you.

Some Highlights of pipe heating equipment from Forever :

1.Fast heating speed;Less oxidation.Good heating quality .

2.Accurate control for the length,speed and temperature of the work piece.

3.Simple operation;Flexible feeding and discharging;High automation.

4.Uniformly heating for the work piece;Little temperature difference from the surface to the core;High control precision.

6.Energy saving optimization design:low energy consumption but high heating efficiency

Other related induction heating equipment :

1.500KW,φ30MM round steel continuous heating production line

2.500KW,φ100MM grinding rod heat treatment production line 

3.2500 KW,φ80 MM round steel continuous heating furnace

4.PC steel bar heat treatment production line

5.Long bar annealing production line

If you are interest in our pipe heating equipment and other induction heat treating equipment,please feel free to contact with us.Our service team are waiting for your news.


Post time: 08-04-2016