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Slab induction heating furnace manufacturer-Forever Furnace

Slab induction heating furnace manufacturer-Forever Furnace


Forever Furnace is the leading manufacturer of slab induction heating furnace in China. Our slab induction heating furnace has the following advantages:

Sever Features of our slab induction heating furnace

1.High efficiency and energy saving: Save electricity 2/3 than electronic tube;

2.Light weight:Only 16-40 KGS;

3. Low maintenance costs: there is no vulnerable, precious electronic components;

4. Safety, no pressure, get rid of high voltage electric shock danger;

5.High reliability: modular, integrated and high reliability assurance;

6. The device is simple: only  need to connect power supply and water pipes which can be finished within 10 minutes;

7.Easy operation: user can master within a few minutes.

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Post time: 03-22-2016