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shaft continuous induction quenching equipment

FOREVER mechanical and electrical company specializes in the production of continuous induction quenching equipment for rod and shaft. While focusing on the quality of induction heating equipment, FOREVER also considers the price of this equipment you are purchasing. Therefore, when setting the price of this device, we refer to the ideas of many users in the market, and regularly launch equipment preferential activities, so that users can enjoy a more reasonable price. Welcome to inquire!

Features of new continuous induction quenching equipment for rod and shaft:

1. Temperature closed-loop control system: the infrared thermometer measures the heating temperature of the billet at the outlet of the Induction heating equipment , and monitors whether there is overheating or incomplete heating. After the temperature monitoring, the signal is fed back to the main induction heating machine, which reduces the generation of unqualified products and ensures the consistency of product quality.


2. Customized billet heating process selection system: users can obtain and store the corresponding processing parameters according to the different billet categories processed through process debugging, and can preset the relevant process standards for later use.

3. High start success rate and reliability: fast start in 0.2S under any load (no load / full load) and any temperature (cold state / hot state), high start success rate and repetition accuracy of 0.1%, with continuous fast and stable operation, high temperature control accuracy, good temperature uniformity, high production efficiency, perfect intelligent protection and fault diagnosis, good product quality consistency and low operation cost

4. Intelligent control system: intelligent and customized operation monitoring system based on the design of FOREVER intelligent platform.

5. PLC general operation control system

A good man-machine dialogue window can detect the running state of the whole system equipment in real time.


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