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Service of induction heating equipment manufacturer

Professional pre-sales service:

The business and engineering technicians of FOREVER  medium frequency induction heating furnace plant will contact the customers in time after receiving the customers’ needs, fully understand the production needs of customers, help to design reasonable medium frequency induction heating equipment, and select appropriate equipment and supporting automation equipment scheme.


Clear scheme design and customer operation cost accounting

In response to the needs of customers, professional engineering and technical personnel provide one-to-one targeted medium frequency induction heating equipment design scheme, and provide operation cost accounting, so that customers’ investment income can be known as early as possible.

Professional equipment installation and commissioning

The new equipment is always installed, debugged and trained by trained service personnel without additional charge. At the same time, detailed operation instructions shall be provided, including main technical parameters, outline drawing, purpose and characteristics of the equipment, overview of equipment structure, troubleshooting methods, maintenance and safety operation regulations; other attached wiring diagram, electrical component location diagram and operation panel layout.


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