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Selling high quality bar heating equipment

Selling high quality bar heating equipment 

Forever’s bar heating equipment was equipped new generation induction heating system.our experienced engineer  team will give you cost-effective heat treatment solutions according to your material size and processing requirement.Please feel free to contact with us.

Main  features for Bar heating equipment 

1.High heating efficiency—energy saving.

2.Fast heating speed—No surface oxidation

3.High heating temperature—there is small temperature difference between surface and the core .

4.Easy to achieve automatic control–saving.

5.Good working environment — almost no heat, noise and dust.

6.Over 12 years experience in induction heating field.

 Applications of induction heating equipment

●Welding:Cutting tools, drilling, cutting tool, woodworking tool,brazing, reamer, milling cutter, drill,glasses frame, steel pipe and copper pipe welding and so on.

●Heat treating:Quenching,tempering and annealing for Gear, machine tools, hardware tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, hydraulic parts,stainless steel pipe and so on.

●Diathermy and forming:Heating,annealing,stretching for Standard parts, fasteners, large work pieces, small hardware,steel pipe and so on.

For more information about bar heating equipment and other induction heat treating equipment,please check our website or send us emails.

Post time: 08-01-2016