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Sell the high quality steel billet forging induction heating equipment

Sell the high quality steel billet forging induction heating equipment

Forever furnace company supply good performance steel billet forging induction heating equipment with good price.Our company is the steel  billet forging and heating equipment specialist who can give you the more suitable and energy-saving technical solution.

The main features of steel billet forging induction heating equipment:

1.Induction coil design:Adopting the new induction heating system and Temperature gradient design

2.Adjustable pressure roller: Different size steel billet can go forward uniformly;

3.Infrared thermometer:Equip with infrared thermometer at the discharge port of the induction heating furnace which can make the steel billet temperature in the control range before charging into rolling mill.

4.Environment friendly.The induction heating furnace won’t release the smoke then can create a good working environment for the workers.

5.More automation.The steel billet forging induction heating equipment was equipped the automatic feeding system then saving the labor cost.

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Post time: 07-25-2016