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Selecting customized induction billet heater from Forever is affordable

Selecting customized induction billet heater from Forever is affordable

Where to buy environmental protection, energy saving, affordable induction billet heater? We would like to suggest friends to firstly understand Forever electric induction billet heater and make the decision. Forever medium frequency electric induction billet heater is more suitable for the forging, heating and heat treatment of the larger workpiece. The medium frequency induction billet heater has double overcurrent and double overvoltage protection control functions, which greatly improves the quality of the product and effectively protects the precious original parts, making it difficult to damage. With the IGBT converter technology and the constant current output, the superiority of the intermediate frequency induction billet heater can be brought into full play, achieving high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The medium frequency induction billet heater can work for 24 hours in a continuous period.

The main features of medium frequency induction billet heater:

1.The heating rate is fast, and the oxidation decarbonization is less. Because the heating principle of medium frequency billet induction heating furnace is electromagnetic induction, heat is produced inside the metal workpiece itself. The medium frequency induction billet heater has fast heating speed, mild oxidation decarburization, high heating efficiency and good repeatability. After heating, the surface of the metal workpiece will only be decolorization, and the workpiece only needs light. Micro polishing can restore brightness and effectively achieve constant and consistent material properties.

2. The intermediate frequency induction billet heater is highly automated, and the whole production process can achieve full automatic operation and improve labor productivity.

3. The heating workpiece is evenly heated, and the temperature control accuracy of the device is high.

4. Forever induction billet heater is equipped with the corresponding induction furnace according to the different specifications of the users. All the furnace bodies are designed to have quick replacement of water and electricity, so that the replacement of the furnace is simple, fast and convenient.

5. The medium frequency induction billet heater is fully protected. The whole machine has automatic protection devices such as water temperature, water pressure, lack of phase, overvoltage, overcurrent, pressure limiting / current limiting, starting over current, constant current and buffer starting, which make the equipment start stable, reliable and quick protection.

6. Medium frequency induction billet heater has low energy consumption and no pollution, high heating efficiency. Compared with other heating methods, energy consumption is effectively reduced, labor productivity is high, no pollution and equipment meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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