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Secondary heating furnace for continuous casting billet heating furnace

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical new energy-saving silicon controlled series resonant continuous casting billet secondary heating furnace, the power factor of the steel billet heating furnace is always ≥ 0.96, does not produce high harmonics, low power consumption, the quality of the continuous casting billet heating furnace is stable, and the performance is superior. Free to provide users with excellent billet heating furnace solutions and quotations.


Characteristics of heating equipment for continuous casting billet heating furnace:

Generally, the workpiece shall be heated to the rolling temperature before the continuous casting slab enters the rolling mill from the continuous casting machine. Selecting induction heating will heat the workpiece evenly, with high speed, high efficiency and even temperature control. The characteristics are as follows:

● Suitable for continuous casting billet production line;

● Constant temperature control;

● Modular design, the coil can be quickly replaced;

● The opening where the horizontal control material enters the coil;

● High efficiency, solid state power supply;

● Fully automatic PLC controls the feeding and discharging.


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