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Seamless steel pipe induction heating equipment

Metal induction heat treatment furnace recommended-seamless tube surface quenching equipment metal steel rod because of its excellent performance, has important economic value, in the industry has a wide range of use, but the market for steel rod performance requirements are getting higher and higher, need to heat treatment of metal steel bars, so how much is the seamless pipe induction heating equipment?

rod heating furnace

Seamless tube induction heating equipment briefly describes seamless pipe surface quenching equipment is a kind of equipment which adopts electromagnetic principle to heat treat metal steel pipe, which adopts electromagnetic principle to process heat directly from the inside of metal workpiece through induction coil, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, the heat loss is less, the heating efficiency is high, and the electric heating is also an environmentally friendly heating mode. In the production process, there will be no waste gas, waste smoke and dust and other substances that pollute the environment.

How much is the seamless tube surface quenching equipment, the more advanced the medium frequency heating equipment, of course, the more expensive it is to sell it. The quotation of the whole induction heating equipment is not completely transparent, because the quotation of different configurations is very different, and the pricing strategy of different manufacturers is also different, so contact the manufacturer directly and get a more detailed quotation list.


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