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Reliable matching between Inverter and Sensor of Intermediate Frequency Induction heating equipment

It is very important to provide the production efficiency of IGBT induction heating furnace and the reliable matching between frequency converter and induction heater. Induction heater plays an important role in the production of induction heating equipment. Only the reliable matching between frequency converter and induction heater can provide the production efficiency of the whole induction heating equipment.

The lining of inductor of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment: adopt more practical piecewise integral casting and knotting technology, at the same time, eccentric knotting mode is generally used in the lining of knotting furnace, that is, the way of relatively thick under the furnace body is adopted. In order to improve the compressive capacity of the billet when entering, so as to improve the service life of the lining. At the same time, such a knotting process makes the billet in the middle of the sensor, which is more conducive to the uniformity of the heating temperature of the billet, and is more in line with the principle of proximity effect in the three effects of electromagnetic induction.

The remote medium frequency induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, induction diathermy equipment and conditioning heat treatment equipment are uncalibrated products, which are designed and produced for you according to the workpiece size, workpiece length, process, production capacity and so on provided by the user. In the medium frequency induction heating equipment frequency converter and induction heater reliable matching, please rest assured that we are through multiple debugging, acceptance reasonable before normal production.


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