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Recommended by automatic stainless steel annealing furnace manufacturer

Recommended by automatic stainless steel annealing furnace manufacturer – YUANTUO mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. specializes in the R & D, design, process, application, manufacturing and sales of induction heating equipment. We have rich experience and practice cases in stainless steel annealing furnace equipment. According to your manufacturing requirements, we provide you with a complete set of stainless steel annealing furnace equipment solutions, and provide you with user applications Video cases, etc., to meet your different requirements.
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Technical parameters of stainless steel annealing furnace equipment:

1. Power supply system: igbt200kw-igbt2000kw.

2. Workpiece material: carbon steel, alloy steel

3. Equipment capacity: 0.5-12 tons per hour. (design and produce according to your process requirements)

4. Elastic adjustable pressing roller: the workpieces of different diameters can be fed at a constant speed. The roller table and pressing roller between furnace bodies are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

5. Infrared temperature measurement: the infrared temperature measurement device is set at the discharge end to keep the heating temperature of the workpiece consistent.

6. According to your needs, provide a remote console with touch screen or industrial computer system.

7. Human machine interface touch screen PLC automatic intelligent control system, highly humanized operation instructions.

8. All digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, so that you can easily control the equipment.

9. Strict level management system and perfect one key reduction system.

Advantages and features of stainless steel annealing furnace equipment:

1. Digital air-cooled induction heating power control, energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption;

2. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high production efficiency, energy-saving raw materials;

3. Stable and uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference, no pollution;

4. The PLC control program of fully automatic and intelligent human-machine interface has the function of “one key start”;

5. The protection function is complete, the remote extension equipment fault has the automatic alarm function, the operation reliability is strong;

6. Automatic feeding, 24-hour continuous work, saving power, environmental protection, reducing cost and labor costs.

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