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Recommended billet induction heater for heating square billet, round billet-Forever

Recommended billet induction heater for heating square billet, round billet-Forever

The famous billet induction heater manufacturer is Forever in Hebei, actually not only in Hebei. Even in China, Forever can rank top 3 in the field of induction heating equipment, especially for billet induction heater both in heating cold billet and heating oinline. We have already provide billet induction heater for four state-owned steel mills:Tang Steel Group, He Steel Group, Min Steel Group and Shi Steel Group. So it is recommended for you to try Forever billet induction heater.

1. Advanced production technology
It has large scale and strength, so it has the ability to introduce new processing equipment from abroad, and the billet induction heater has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and consumers can safely use the billet induction heater.

2. Quality assurance
The quality of the induction heating furnace is a matter of concern to the users. The quality of billet inductino heater is guaranteed in either manufacturing process, raw material or after-sales service.

3. The price is more affordable
In addition to the quality of equipment, the purchasers of billet induction heater are also more concerned about the price of induction heating furnace.For the equipment with the same power, our equipment is more energy saving.

4. Perfect service
Apart from providing the users with good quality and low price billet induction heater, it can also ensure that the equipment is always running smoothly. There are perfect pre-sale, sale and after sale service. We have more than 15 technicians responsible for after-sales service, who has rich experience in the field of heating furnace for different billet material.

Forever billet induction heater features

1.The heating efficiency is high: the billet induction heater has certain pertinence to the user’s workpiece, so that the product quality is higher and meet the requirements of the large enterprise.

2.High output: the output is higher than other equipment under the same power, so that the overall efficiency of the processing plant is also greatly improved.

3.Easy maintenance: advanced and scientific equipment layout makes maintenance more simple and fast, and the maintenance time is greatly reduced.

4.Simple operation: high degree of automation, making the operation of its equipment more convenient, small in size and very small in area.

5.Low energy consumption: induction heating equipment is fully optimized, there is no noise in the operation process, and a lot of electricity charges are saved every year.

6.The failure is low: the main components of the billet induction heater are adopted by the international brand, so the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, and the probability of failure in the process of operation is very low.

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