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Quotation of medium frequency induction heating furnace

1、 With the resumption of work, how can you solve the production problem of metal heating treatment that you are worried about?

In 2020, novel coronavirus outbreaks, and the outbreak and spread of the new corona virus caused great impact on the national economy. The metal heating industry was concerned about the time when different regions started to work out corresponding plans according to local actual conditions.

Continuous heating furnace2

The epidemic has led to a sharp rise in the price of steel bars and other metal materials, and a rapid increase in metal demand. Many users are worried about how to quickly occupy the market and effectively improve production after this period of time?

1. Using medium frequency induction heating furnace, through intelligent control, integrated production, in line with the overall advantages of environmental protection, let you put into production quickly.

2. Online consulting equipment, prepare well in advance, many equipment manufacturers have started to produce equipment in advance for you, and make a foundation for the overall start-up.

3. Paying attention to environmental protection is a necessary condition for production. The inspection shall be carried out from the aspects of equipment dust prevention, production environment, safety assurance, etc. to ensure green production and avoid inspection by environmental protection departments.

FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. will start the business of not meeting visitors, focus on epidemic prevention and control, and focus on industrial development. If you have equipment needs, you can call our service hotline or add wechat of our technical manager for consultation. FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. will provide online services for you:

1. Video visit, open remote service for you, video face-to-face real understanding of equipment;

2. Online solutions, you do not have to be present in person, say the needs, online conversation, engineers customized for you.



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