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Quality standard of induction heating equipment

The high speed of induction heat treatment equipment has great influence on the heating quality, working condition and equipment investment of the forging, so it is necessary to attach great importance to the selection of heating equipment for induction heating. The Induction heat treatment furnace  manufacturer provides you with the quality standard of induction heating equipment for your reference.

1. The heating quality is good, the temperature required for forging or forging heat treatment can be reached, the heating is uniform, the oxidation, the burning loss and the decarburization are less.

2. The heating speed is fast, and the production capacity can be met, and the production capacity of the unit area (the bottom strength of the intermediate frequency induction equipment) is higher.

3. The heat efficiency of the intermediate frequency induction device is high, that is, the fuel consumption of the heating unit weight metal is low.

4. The structure is simple and compact, the cost is low, and the consumption of the refractory material and various materials is less.

5. Long service life.

6. The working conditions are good, the operation is convenient, the maintenance is convenient, and the mechanization and the automatic operation are realized as much as possible.

7. The noise is low, harmful gas and smoke are less, and the indexes meet the requirements of environmental protection.


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