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Protection essentials to be borne in mind in the use of IGBT induction reheating machine

Use   IGBT induction reheating machine to keep in mind the protection essentials

IGBT induction heating furnace

1, regularly sweep away the dust in the power cabinet, especially outside the thyristor core, wipe it neatly with ethanol. The frequency conversion devices in operation generally have special computer room, but the actual working background is not ideal in the heating and forging process, the dust is very large and the shock is violent. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to cleaning often to avoid failure;

2. Regularly check whether the junction of the water pipe joint is firm or not, and regularly improve or clean the key devices of the relevant facilities of the intermediate frequency furnace.

3.Regular inspection and repair of the device shall be carried out on the contacts of the screws and fastening contactors of each device of the device, and if the phenomenon of relaxation or poor contact is revealed, they should be repaired as soon as possible and should not be used in a far-fetched manner. Avoid causing major accidents.

4. Check regularly whether the load wiring is satisfactory and whether the insulation is reliable.


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