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Professional hot rolled steel ball machine manufacturer-Forever Furnace

Professional  hot rolled steel ball machine manufacturer-Forever Furnace


Hot rolled steel ball is a new rolling technology,it is the technical breakthrough of ball milling manufacturing process,and it is replacing cast steel ball gradually.Forever Furnace is the professional  hot rolled steel ball machine manufacturer.If you are looking for hot rolled steel ball machine, please contact us at

1. High production efficiency. For example, hot rolled steel ball machine of 60 diameter can produce 70-80 steel balls per minutes. The output is 7 tons per hour and 50 tons per shift which  is 20 times of air hammer forging steel ball.

2. The quality of the products is good. The hot rolled steel ball has the same shape,size and temperature with our hot rolled steel ball machine. No burn or burn through steel balls. Therefore hardness of steel ball after heat treatment is the same. The hardness difference between the surface and the core is less. Hot steel balls has good quality and stable quality.Qualified rate can be up to 98%.

3.The labor intensity of the workers is significantly lower than that of the forged steel ball.And the working environment is obviously improved. The use of electric furnace heating has been completely eliminate smoke, gas pollution phenomenon.

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Post time: 03-19-2016