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Production process of hot rolled steel ball

Brief description of production process of hot rolled wear resistant steel ball

1. Lift bundles of round steel bars onto the storage rack. The fixed length of round steel bars is generally 6000mm.

2. The automatic feeder automatically feeds the round steel on the storage rack to the conveying track of the medium frequency induction heating furnace. The round steel enters the electric furnace by relying on the automatic feeding mechanism on the conveying track, and the round steel is heated to 950 ~ 1050 ℃ by adjusting the power.


3. The heated round steel bar enters the steel ball mill die through the feed guide sleeve. After passing through two spiral dies, the round steel rotates forward, is continuously rolled into steel balls, and enters the conveying system from the slide

4. The rolled hot steel ball is transported and cooled by the conveying system to make the steel ball temperature uniform inside and outside. At the same time, the steel ball temperature is reduced to the quenching temperature and enters the quenching machine for continuous quenching. The outlet water temperature of the steel ball is controlled by adjusting the speed of the quenching machine. After quenching, the steel ball enters the material basket through the chute and is tempered by the tempering furnace, Eliminate the internal stress of the steel ball and make the steel ball obtain high and uniform hardness.


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