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Processing of workpieces by metal heat treatment equipment

At present, the induction heating equipment manufacturers, generally using intermediate frequency induction heating equipment heating treatment, and then forging machine forging molding. In the whole heat treatment process, each process has an important effect on the quality of the workpiece heat treatment, so to control the quality of the workpiece should also start from each process. Today, let’s look at the quality control of the workpiece of the metal heat treatment equipment.

rod heating furnace

The quality control of induction heating equipment is divided into the following two aspects:

1. Control of heating temperature

The heating temperature of the metal billet must be controlled as the key process parameters, and the infrared thermometer should be used for automatic control. Because of the large vibration in the forging workshop, the infrared thermometer must be fixed to ensure that the probe can be aligned with the heating blank, and the quality assurance department regularly appraises and approves the infrared thermometer to ensure the accuracy of the infrared thermometer. The temperature uniformity of the whole blank must be controlled in the heating process because of the long length of some blanks. It is suggested that the cylinder type feeding device should be used to feed according to the beat, such as continuous feeding, which will inevitably lead to the temperature difference at both ends of the blank, which will bring adverse effects on the control of the forging thickness of connecting rod.

Control of decarbonization layer

2.The higher the heating temperature, the higher the heating times, the longer the heating time will increase the depth of the decarburization layer, while in some fields, the decarburization layer of the workpiece should not be more than 0.2mm. Therefore, in addition to the above heating temperature must be strictly controlled, the heating times of the blank must be controlled. According to the test, the heating times of the stripping material can reach 3 times, but the heating times of the non-stripping material can only be 2 times.


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