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Process and Temperature Control for Continuous Casting and Rolling

Process and Temperature Control for Continuous Casting and Rolling

Continuous Casting Direct Rolling (referred to as CCDR) steel rolling process. In the process, worker put the liquid steel into the continuous casting machine to draw billet (known as continuous casting billet), and then keep warm for some time without cooling, directly into the hot rolling mill for rolling billet. This process combines casting and rolling processes to reduce cost compared to conventional rolling processes.

Process flow

1. The molten steel, which is heated into a molten state, is put into a ladle and lifted by a crane (overhead crane) to the top of the continuous casting machine.

2. Put the liquid steel into the continuous casting machine for continuous casting production, continuous casting billet will draw from the continuous casting machine ;
3. The continuous casting slab is cut and cut into fixed length of continuous casting billet and then the billet will be sent to the billet induction heating furnace;

4. Holding for continuous casting billet to ensure the billet can be heated from the surface to the core.

5. Continuous casting billet into the hot rolling mill rolling;

6. After rolling the billet will be sent into the water for cooling.

Forever is engaged in design and producing continuous casting billet induction heating furnace for more than 13 years.So far, our cases for billt induction heating furnace: 100*100 continuous casting billet heating furnace, 120*120 continuous casting billet heating furnace, 130*130 continuous casting billet heating furnace, 150*150 continuous casting billet heating furnace.

Square/round billet heating furnace: twelve pulse incoming line, automatic feeding, automatic discharge, with temperature & sorting function.

Forever continuous casting billet heating furnace main features are:

1.Small covering area: The whole equipment only has one billet induction heater.

2.Intermediate frequency voltage output, energy saving up to 10% -15%;

3.Continuous casting billet adopts double insulation treatment, service life and reliability can be increased by 3 times;Thin lining design, reduce space leakage; energy conversion efficiency is extremely high to achieve the purpose of energy saving;

4. Advanced 12 pulse technology, about 80% of the total harmonic, effectively reduce the interference on the grid;

5. Water-cooled pinch roller is made of stainless steel; in order to prevent corrosion of the spark, the drive shaft and roller shaft insulate each other.

Forever billet induction heating furnace is widely used in the casting industry, forging industry, heat treatment industry, petroleum machinery industry, mining coal mine machinery industry, steel pipe, stainless steel industry, machinery, hot assembly processing industry, automobile and auto parts, engineering machinery and other industries.

Please specified the billet specification, length and capacity per hour, we will help you to choose the cost effective billet induction heating furnace.

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