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Principle of surface hardening equipment

                                   Principle of surface hardening equipment

Surface hardening equipment is typical application of induction heating system. As the surface hardening equipment manufacturer, Forever Furnace share some information with you about the surface hardening equipment.

(a)The basic working principle of surface hardening equipment.
Put the workpiece into the hollow copper tube wound copper inductor  then connect the medium or  high frequency alternating current.Later the the same frequency current will heat the workpiece surface  rapidly (within a few seconds the surface can be raised from 800 to 1000 degrees, the core remains the room temperature)

(b)The heating frequency  selection of surface hardening equipment

At the room temperature ,the relationship between induction current flows into the workpiece surface depth δ (mm) and current frequency       f (HZ) is the frequency increases then the current penetration depth decreases the harden ability layer reduces.

Commonly used frequency:
1.High frequency heating: 100 ~ 500KHz, commonly used 200 ~ 300kHz, electronic tube type high frequency heating, hardened layer depth of 0.5 ~ 2.5mm, suitable to medium and small-sized parts.

2.Intermediate frequency heating: current frequency is 500 ~ 10000HZ, 2500 frequently used to 8000HZ, power supply equipment for mechanical medium frequency heating device or silicon controlled intermediate frequency generator. Hardened layer depth to 10 mm. Suitable to larger diameter shaft, middle large gear, etc.

3.Frequency heating: current frequency is 50HZ. The mechanical power frequency heating power supply device is adopted to do the quenching layer depth of up to 10 ~ 20mm, which is suitable for the surface hardening of large diameter workpieces.

If you are interest in the surface hardening equipment and its related induction heat treating equipment, please contact us.looking forward to your news.

Post time: 06-21-2016