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Price of steel tube medium frequency heating furnace

Hebei YUANTUO Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of  steel pipe medium frequency heating equipment, has selected the right induction heating equipment, which can not only improve production capacity, save labor, but also create economic profits for its later period. YUANTUO factory directly sells steel rod heating furnace, steel tube heating equipment, steel tube heat treatment equipment, steel rod tempering production line, billet heating furnace, etc. with good quality and low price, you can earn when you buy them .

pipe induction heating furnace

Hebei YUANTUO Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. can be a choice for you. It has been built for many years. The technology of medium frequency induction heating and induction heat treatment is mature and stable, and the production process and process are reliable. The processed medium frequency steel tube furnace has high quality, long service life, stable performance, and is not easy to fail. The produced medium frequency steel tube furnace has complete models, and the workpiece diameter can be selected between 20 mm and 350 mm, YUANTUO machinery and electrical equipment is equipped with appropriate induction heating equipment according to your needs, saving the investment cost of users, and selling the equipment at the factory price, which is lower than the market circulation price.

The steel tube medium frequency heating furnace is one of the large-scale advanced induction heating equipment. The market price will not be very cheap naturally. However, Hebei YUANTUO machinery and Electrical Co., Ltd. sells the equipment directly at the factory price. There is no redundant circulation link. The user can enjoy the price concessions of the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will have some activity discounts to give back to the new and old users. If you want to know the manufacturer’s quotation, you can click free consultation.



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Post time: 05-06-2020