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Price of medium frequency quenching equipment

With the improvement of the epidemic situation and the gradual recovery of economic development, China’s infrastructure construction is in the ascendant, the consumption of building materials is huge, the demand for steel bars and other workpieces is increasing, and with the acceleration of urbanization, medium frequency quenching equipment such as steel bar heat treatment has attracted the attention of the market, so how much is a set of medium frequency quenching equipment in 2020?

How much is a set of medium frequency quenching equipment in 2020?

If you want to know how much the intermediate frequency  hardening heat treatment furnace costs, you need to know what the complete equipment has first. A complete set of intermediate frequency quenching equipment mainly includes: intermediate frequency heating power supply, induction heater, quenching spray system, material conveying rack, cooling tower, infrared thermometer, PLC control system. You can increase or decrease the equipment according to the actual situation. Then, let’s see some common intermediate frequency quenching equipment pre How much is the investment.

The quotation of each production line will be different. Because the characteristics of each production line are different, it is necessary to choose intelligent and efficient production line, fine production line or economical production line according to the actual production situation of users, and only reasonable scheme and good equipment can obtain higher profits.

Where to buy medium frequency quenching equipment in 2020?

A good manufacturer of production equipment will make your metal heat treatment production more efficient with half the effort. By choosing FOREVER mechanical and electrical equipment, you can make one-time investment in place. From pre-sales consultation, factory test, scheme design, to equipment transportation, installation, commissioning, personnel training, regular return visit, there are people who are jointly responsible to the end to completely solve your worries.

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