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Price of medium frequency induction heating furnace

medium frequency induction heating furnace  is a kind of intelligent metal heat treatment furnace, which can solve the problem of production pollution, with less labor input and simple operation. Where is the medium frequency induction heating furnace, recommend a manufacturer to me, and then quote a price. The user asked, here is to recommend a direct selling manufacturer with affordable price, quality and after-sales guarantee.


The whole set of equipment of medium frequency induction heating furnace is composed of medium frequency power supply, full-automatic feeding and unloading mechanism, conveying system, induction heating system, cooling system and control system. The whole set of equipment is designed with mechanical and electrical integration structure, with compact and reasonable overall structure, streamlined appearance and strength.

The medium frequency Induction heat treatment furnace can process the metal workpiece as a whole, and also can heat the metal workpiece as a part. The energy consumption of the local heating is relatively low and the efficiency is higher. Users can choose the appropriate process according to their actual needs.

Through the automatic control button, the medium frequency induction heating furnace can control the operation through the remote button according to the production process, with simple operation and one key start.

FOREVER mechanical and electrical induction furnace manufacturer has passed the middleman, so that you can directly save the intermediary cost, tailor-made, so that you can select a reasonable model, reasonable production, save the blind selection place and pay a high price, and directly let you spend less money to buy a more affordable intermediate frequency induction furnace!




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