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Price of medium frequency induction heating equipment

The  medium frequency induction heating furnace is a kind of metal heating equipment used in the metal heating treatment plant for heating: steel bars, steel pipes, billets, threaded steel bars, which is deeply loved by the metal heating treatment plant.

pipe induction heating furnace

1、 What are the medium frequency Induction heating equipment Generally speaking, the medium frequency induction heating equipment needs to have the steps of conveying, heating, discharging and so on.

2、 Price of medium frequency induction heating equipment

The power supply of medium frequency induction heating equipment is divided into KGPS and IGBT, so the price cannot be generalized. For more accurate equipment prices, you can call our 24-hour service hotline, and a professional will provide you with quotation details for the production line.

3、 Buy medium frequency induction heating equipment, and surprise you with FOREVER electromechanical

1. As a large-scale production and R & D base of metal heating equipment in the market, FOREVER mechanical and electrical equipment has been widely praised at home and abroad;

2. In addition, FOREVER is a direct distributor manufacturer, and the equipment produced is sold directly to customers at a low price;

3. FOREVER mechanical and electrical equipment is not only affordable, good quality, and complete service.

If there is anything unclear, you can also call our technical service hotline, and have 24-hour customer service to answer for you.


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