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Precautions in using induction furnace equipment

Induction heating furnace, induction quenching equipment and quenching and tempering equipment are the induction heating equipment we need to pay attention to in the use process. Of course, we need to learn what should be paid attention to when using induction heating furnace and quenching and tempering equipment, so as to make our operation more safe, reliable and feasible.


Attention should be paid to the use of induction furnace and Hardening and tempering furnace:

1. The cooling water system of induction heating equipment shall be equipped with water separator and return water tank to ensure the normal water supply and return of the equipment.

2. The inlet and outlet of the water separator shall be equipped with valves, pressure gauges, etc. The number and diameter of the outlet pipe of the water separator are determined by the inlet and outlet of the induction heating equipment, the inductor, the output transformer, etc. The water separator shall be equipped with a drain pipe to regulate the water pressure.

3. The diameter of the water outlet pipe of the return water tank of the induction heating equipment should be larger to ensure that the return water is dredged.

4. The outlet water of quenching and tempering furnace, induction heating furnace and induction quenching equipment should be directly observed, and the transparent organic glass protective cover can be used for dust prevention.

5、 The power supply and coil cooling of induction heating equipment should not use a uniform cooling water tank. The power supply requirements are relatively high. Improper use of the power supply will seriously affect the life of the power supply.

5、 When the induction heating equipment changes different workpieces, it should be reprogrammed or the existing program should be called out so as to ensure the normal operation of the induction quenching equipment.



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