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Pipe heating equipment selection Hebei Yuanchuan electromechanical guarantee!

The remote electromechanical steel Pipe heat treatment furnace is a kind of medium frequency induction heating equipment for steel pipe heat treatment, which is specially built according to the characteristics of various steel pipes. The heat treatment temperature and production speed of the steel pipe are all adjusted according to the user’s technological requirements. In order to meet the production needs and heat treatment performance requirements of steel pipes.

The complete set of steel tube induction heating equipment has compact and reasonable structure design and manufacture, this equipment has perfect safety protection measures, such as water shortage protection, phase deficiency protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, too high water temperature protection, etc. And there is an acousto-optic alarm device for the fault. Equipment configuration, enough power allowance to ensure 24-hour continuous and stable production of the equipment.

The medium frequency heat treatment equipment of remote electromechanical adopts medium frequency IGBT energy-saving power supply, the load is one set of induction heating furnace body of GTR series, one set of reactive power compensation capacitor bank, and one set of operation control system of PLC touch screen, etc. The equipment is designed with manual and automatic power regulation mode, in which the automatic mode is temperature closed loop control. The remote infrared thermometer and PLC control system are used to realize automatic temperature control. The induction heating temperature can be measured in real time to ensure that the heat treatment performance of the workpiece is up to the standard by installing it at the feed port or the outlet port of the induction heating furnace.


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