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Petroleum machinery quench and temper line made in China

Petroleum machinery quench and temper line made in China


Petroleum machinery quench and temper line

Petroleum machinery has very high requirements for the products such as drill pipe, drill collar, sucker rod etc. Forever add the design of the module design for the petroleum machinery quench and temper line according to the product characteristics. This can make sure that the workpiece get uniform and slow heating under the condition of no change for total efficiency. This design can ensure the good transformation of product organization, so that more stable product quality.

Process features: drill rod end upset heating is divided into inner thicker, outer thicker, inter and outer thicker with 2-3 sets of heating furnace for heating.

Drill rod end upsetting quench and temper line


Friction welding – weld annealing – machining – weld quenching – weld tempering – painting – measuring length, weighing – packing

Features: Using computer system control;

Using the configuration software to establish the database. Heating mold can set temperature display and time curve. Related parameters can be stored and recall. You can use the historical data browsing function to view the record curve, or it can be transferred to the U disk.

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