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Periodic maintenance of tube blank heating furnace

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if that periodic maintenance of the medium-frequency induction heating equipment is of the same importance as the periodic maintenance, let’s see what to do:

1. Make sure that the tube blank heating furnace specially-assigned person is operated, specially-assigned person for maintenance, and specially-assigned person to For general plants, an electrician or an operator can be trained after the manufacturer’s training.

2. In order to prevent the starting-up large current to impact the tube blank heating furnace, the following two points should be paid attention to: A. Make sure that the panel power switch and the air switch on the back of the machine turn on the machine external main switch in the closed state, and then turn on the air switch and the panel power switch on the back of the machine in turn.

To put an end to the high-power, no-load starting machine. (It means that the power is preferably set to the minimum before the machine is turned on, and the power is increased as needed when the machine is turned on)

Make sure the temperature, water pressure, water flow and water quality of the cooling water reach the index. The internal cooling water channel in the machine is multi-path and parallel, and if the path is blocked, the machine can’t alarm. After the induction heating equipment is used for 1 month, the circulating water path shall be cleaned. The method comprises the following steps of: firstly, dredging a circulating water pipeline by a proper high-pressure air, and then adding water in a ratio of 1:40 by using a descaling agent (first used for descaling agent of the automobile water tank), and then circulating the water by a water pump for 1 hour.



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