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Performance characteristics of small diameter Seamless Steel Tube treated by quenching and tempering heat treatment

Compared with the traditional quenched and tempered heat treatment process, the steel pipe treated by quenching and tempering heat treatment has the following characteristics:

the strength of the steel pipe is high, the toughness is good, The induction heating has higher tensile strength, yield strength and higher plasticity than the traditional heating and tempering heat-treated steel pipe, and the potential of the steel can be fully excavated, and the service life of the product can be improved. The main causes of this phenomenon are the following two points: 1. Rapid heating causes the grain size of induction heating and quenching steel under normal condition to be more and less than that of the traditional heating and quenching steel under normal condition. The mechanical characteristics of fine grain steel have high yield strength. And 2, under the condition that the rapid heating and quenching steel is the same as the fine quenching martensite quenching condition, the induction quenching steel is finer than the traditional heating, and the martensite obtained after the quenching is smaller than the traditional quenching martensite. The fine quenching martensite is converted into a tempered sorbite with high dispersion degree after high-temperature tempering. The tempering sorbite has high tensile strength and yield strength, and is a specific structure of the induction heating and tempering heat-treatment low-alloy steel tube material, which is difficult to obtain by the conventional quenching and tempering heat treatment process.

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Post time: 04-08-2019