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Performance characteristics of induction heating equipment

induction heat treatment machine mainly used in various industries of metal steel pipe heat treatment processing, because the seamless pipe quenching equipment structure is simple, reliable work, production environmental protection has been praised by the majority of users, let’s take a look at it.

billet induction heating furnace

The structure of the induction reheating machine  is characterized in that the seamless tube heat treatment equipment adopts an electromechanical integration structure design, the machine body of the device is formed by welding high-quality steel plates, and the equipment is subjected to heat treatment processing, so that the strength, the hardness, the wear resistance and the service life of the equipment are improved. The production of the surface quenching equipment of the seamless pipe is flexible and diversified. According to the actual production situation of the user, the metal steel pipe can be subjected to integral heat treatment or partial heating treatment, so that the local heating efficiency is high and the heat loss is low. The seamless tube induction heating equipment is used for customizing the furnace body of the corresponding specification according to the size of the work piece of the user, the furnace body adopts a quick-changing structure design, the replacement of the furnace body is simple, the water and electricity structure is only needed to be connected, and the production efficiency of the enterprise is reduced.


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