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Performance advantage of electrothermal equipment!

induction heat treatment machine, that is, intermediate frequency heating equipment, intermediate frequency heat permeable furnace and so on, is a metal heating equipment in heat treatment machinery. As the induction heating equipment does not produce waste smoke and dust pollution in the production process, it is popular with heat treatment manufacturers. If heating equipment environmental protection, efficient, for customers to create high efficiency, to experience it.

Introduction of Induction Heating Equipment

Induction heating equipment is a kind of equipment which uses intermediate frequency current to heat the metal steel rod, distributes the alternating current evenly to the metal steel rod through the inductor, produces the heat by the eddy current, its heat efficiency is over 95%, the metal steel rod heating time is short, the heating speed is fast, the steel rod processing process does not produce oxidation skin, burn, decarburization and deformation, and the processing quality is high.

II. Performance advantages of induction heating equipment

1.Induction heating equipment can customize the furnace body according to the needs of the user, adopt the fast changing structure design, replace the speed quickly, reduce the standby time of the user production, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and the market competitiveness.

2.The steel bar heat treatment furnace equipment production is diverse, the user may according to own actual demand choice, carries on the overall heat treatment or the partial heat treatment to the metal steel bar, the local heat treatment energy consumption is lower and the deformation is small.

3. The whole set of equipment is driven by frequency converter, the production process to achieve stepless regulation, users can adjust their own speed according to their own needs, strong controllability.

Adopt PLC touch screen centralized operation, configure automatic feeding and discharging mechanism, improve the automatic production capacity of the whole set of equipment, reduce the labor requirements of the enterprise, and reduce the production cost.

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