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Parameter calculation of medium frequency induction heating equipment with industry influence

Parameter calculation of medium frequency induction heating equipment with industry influence

Induction heating equipment has been widely used in smelting, forging, heat treatment, welding and annealing because of its advantages of high heating efficiency, fast speed, good controllability and easy to realize mechanization and automation. The heating method of induction heating equipment is different from other heating methods, such as gas heating, resistance furnace and other equipment. The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment send electrical energy to the workpiece inside to generate heat for the workpiece. The other way of heating is to heat the surface of the workpiece first and then transfer the heat to the workpiece core.

Place the metal part in the IF induction heating coils, the furnace will generate current I1, and there is current I2 produced in the coil. The two current is in the opposite direction. When the current I and the induction current I2 are close to each other, the coil and the metal workpiece will have proximity effect. As a result, the current I1 is concentrated on the inner surface of the induction heating furnace, and the current I2 is gathered on the outer surface of the metal workpiece. At this time the workpiece itself shows the skin effect. Based on this principle, we designed and produced 7500KW billet induction heating furnace.

The medium frequency induction heating equipment has fast switching speed (500ns), light isolation, fault state information feedback, the furnace is equipped with automatic reset, automatic closing and other functions, so it is chosen as the driver of the IGBT. HCPL316J is a simple intelligent driver chip. Users can flexibly set high level input, high level output and low level input, high level output input mode, automatic reset or control reset, fault auto turn off, optocoupler isolation, CMOS, /TTL level compatibility, integrated VCZ desaturation voltage detection, hysteresis low voltage locking (UVL0), soft turn off IGBT technology and isolated fault feedback signal. The maximum driving current of the IGBT gate is up to 2.5 A, the maximum driving current is I, = 150 A, Vcz=1200V, the maximum switching speed is 500 ns, and the wider VCC working voltage range is 15~30 V.

In the current competitive market, the quality value determines the price. If the induction heating equipment production enterprise wants to make its own enterprise product competitive, the detail quality is the key.

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