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Outstanding advantages of Forever bar hardening and tempering furnace

Outstanding advantages of Forever bar hardening and tempering furnace

Forever is an enterprise integrating design, production, sales and service in China. According to the different requirements of various manufacturers, special design and production all kinds of automatic bar hardening and tempering furnace are provided.

In order to meet the rapid development of the industry and satisfy customers’ requirements of reducing operating costs, improving production efficiency, improving quality and enhancing competition, the company actively develops and specializes in providing high-efficiency and energy-saving automatic bar hardening and tempering furnace In terms of practical experience in induction heat treating furnace, Forever has a group of high-tech, high-quality personnel.

Forever bar hardening and tempering furnace characteristics

1.Heating evenly, high precision temperature control heating uniformity to ensure that the temperature difference between the core and surface of the workpiece is small, the temperature control system can accurately control the temperature to ensure product repeatability.
2. Low energy consumption, pollution-free with high heating efficiency, compared with other heating methods, effectively reducing energy consumption, high labor productivity, pollution-free.
3. According to different work piece size, the corresponding inductors can be equipped and the replacement is very easy.
4. Complete equipment protection The bar hardening and tempering furnace is equipped with alarm protection functions of water temperature, water pressure, lack of phase, over-voltage, over-current, voltage / current limiting, start over current, constant current and buffer start, which can make the device starts smoothly, reliable and rapid protection, stable operation .
5. Heating speed is fast, less oxidation and decarburization As the induction induction furnace induction heating principle for the electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated due to the workpiece itself,This heating way has advantages of fast heating speed, less oxidation skin and good heating effect. The metal surface is only slightly discolored. A slight polishing can restore the mirror surface to the surface to achieve consistent material performance.
Adhere to its “quality first, service-oriented” as its principle, Forever has supplied more than 100 sets of hardening and tempering furnace to the users from home and abroad. We will constantly improve after-sales service and perfect our equipment try our best to bring our users more profits.

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