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continuous quenching and tempering furnaceis the comprehensive heat treatment process of quenching and high temperature tempering. Most of the quenched and tempered parts work under relatively large dynamic loads, which are subjected to the effects of tension, compression, bending, torsion or shear, and some surfaces also have friction, requiring a certain wear resistance and so on. In short, the parts work under various complex stresses. These parts are mainly used in the manufacturing industry of machine tools, automobiles and tractors, such as shafts, connecting rods, bolts, gears, etc. These parts are mainly used for the structures of various machines and mechanisms, such as shafts, connecting rods, bolts, gears and so on. Especially for large parts of heavy-duty machine manufacture, quenching and tempering treatment is used more and more. Therefore, quenching and tempering treatment plays an important role in heat treatment.

According to the working conditions of the parts and the performance requirements of the parts, such as the selection of quenching and tempering treatment, the steel used for the quenched and tempered parts should be considered first. Usually, the following points must be paid attention to:

(1) in the aspect of process performance, In addition to good forging and machinability, the most important is hardenability. Because the properties of the steel depend on the microstructure of the steel, the microstructure of the steel is directly related to its hardenability. It has been proved that the steel has the best comprehensive mechanical properties after fully quenched and properly tempered. When the parts are fully quenched, the tensile strength, yield strength and fatigue strength of carbon steel or alloy steel should be tempered to the same hardness, and the tensile strength, yield strength and fatigue strength are basically the same.

2. In the aspect of mechanical properties, the properties of steel should meet the requirements of parts after quenched and tempered. According to the mechanical performance requirements of most quenched and tempered parts, Its performance index is in the following range. The following range of performance indicators. The following range.: 1 600-1 200 MPA. A σ s: 1 320, 800, MPa.., σ s / σ b: 50? 60%?-1? 50% Brinell hardness? 170-320HB

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