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Oil drill pipe heat treatment equipment

Hebei Forever Electromechanical can not only produce high-quality oil drill pipe heat treatment furnace for you, but also provide users with efficient oil pipeline heating equipment for free. The oil pipeline heating equipment is fully automated and intelligent, with high production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. Welcome new and old customers to visit and inspect the induction heating equipment of Forever Electromechanical! Forever Electromechanical is dedicated to serving you!

Characteristics of oil drill pipe heat treatment line :

1. Oil pipeline heating equipment has a fast heating speed and less oxidation and decarburization: due to the electromagnetic induction principle of medium frequency induction heating, the workpiece itself generates heat. Due to the fast heating method, less oxidation, high heating efficiency, and good process repeatability.

2. Automatic loading, heating, cooling, conveying, and unloading, saving labor costs and ensuring consistency in the quality of petroleum steel pipes.

3. Uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy: Induction heating is easy to achieve uniform heating, and the core temperature difference is small.

4. Oil pipeline heating equipment has low energy consumption and no pollution: Compared with other heating methods, induction heating has advantages such as high heating efficiency, low energy consumption, and no pollution.


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