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ø50-135 Customized round billet induction forging heating equipment for Myanmar

ø50-135 Customized round billet induction forging heating equipment for Myanmar

With the rapid development of Forever induction heating equipment, more and more foreign friends visit our factory and place orders with us. This week, our round billet induction forging heating equipment for Myanmar customer will finished and wait for customer’s testing the machine.

The workpiece size is ø45-135 steel bar, and user need to buy induction forging heating equipment to heat the steel bar. Considering the wide range and heating efficiency, we design 600KW series type inverter with the machine.

Actually except Myanmar customer, we also exported induction heating equipment to Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Iran and so on. 

In order to maker user master the operation of billet induction forging heating equipment, here we would like to share you something:

Basic precautions of IF induction heating furnace safe operation

1.The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment. It is forbidden to use the equipment with overload.

2. Operators should wear a variety of labor protection products before work to ensure

work safety.

3.The operator must not violate the requirements and regulations listed in the operation manual.

4.Do not move or damage the warning signs or nameplates installed on the equipment.

5. The operator must strictly abide by labor discipline, and should not leave the working station without authorization. During operation, the operators can not do other work unrelated to the work. The non-operator must not disturb any button or device of the power supply.

6.No protective device on the machine shall be removed or modified without authorization. 

IF furnace safety requirements.

 Preparation before work   

1. Supply high voltage power to check if the grid voltage is normal. The transformer room does not allow other people to enter for operation except the operating electrician. When supplying high voltage power, the operating electrician must wear insulation boots and insulating gloves. Switch on the main switch of circuit breaker. Using high-voltage electroscope to measure whether primary side of the transformer and check whether the three phase are all charged.. After checking, make a record and leave the transformer room.

2. Whether the waterway system is normal or not, and whether there is any leakage or insufficient water, lining erosion and so on.

3.Open  automatic water supply valve of the pool and return valve of cooling tower.

4.In order to ensure the operator’s safety, tools or other things are forbidden to put under the electric furnace.

5.Before opening external circulation valve, open water pump valve to supply water until the pipe is full of water(About 1 minute).

6.Clean the filter valve regularly.

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