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ø33.4-73.0mm Pipe quench and temper line with upset made in China

ø33.4-73.0mm Pipe quench and temper line with upset made in China


Equipment name: ø33.4-73.0mm Pipe quench and temper line with upset used for oil industry
Equipment brand: Forever
Heating way: Induction heating
Hardening media: Water

Two years ago, Forever designed and manufactured one complete set of tubing quench and temper line for one Philippines customer, their diameter is ø60.2-139.70mm. Now the quench and temper line has been worked for two years without any quality problems. Especially this year, as their order is much more than before, this line is working for continuous 24 hours. 

This year, Forever got another inquiry about ø33.4-73.0mm pipe quench and temper line with upset  used for oil industry, their pipe material is seamless pipe. And this month, our engineer meet with their engineer team to discuss the details and acceptance standard. After we finish the complete line, the user will test the pipe after heat treatment with quench and temper from the following aspects : Tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, hardenability, internal structure etc.

This is a valuable meeting as we have discussed the key points and improvement for the pipe quench and temper line. The most important matter is our design can solve the problem that uniform heating for upset, Transition zone and pipe body. The engineer is very satisfied with our complete induction heat treating design and solution. Believe Forever will get the project soon !

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Post time: 08-07-2017