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Need billet induction heating equipment? Contact whatsapp +86-18932783253

Need billet induction heating equipment? Contact whatsapp +86-18932783253

Forever is engaged in the design and production of steel billet induction heating equipment and quench and temper line for more than 14 years. Our engineers not only have a profound theoretical foundation, but also have a strong ability to solve field problems. At present, the main intermediate frequency devices are steel bar heating furnace, billet induction furnace,reinforcement bar heating furnace and steel pipe induction furnace. In particular, configuring our IGBT power supply is more reliable and energy efficient.

In recent years, many people have carried on the discussion to the billet induction heating equipment, this text has mainly introduced the billet induction heating equipment briefly.

First of all, we would like to say that the application of billet induction heating equipment is very wide, such as induction heating before rolling rebar, slab induction heating before rolling, round billet heating before rolling the steel balls.

Secondly, we will tell you the basic configuration.
1. IF power supply
Forever IF power supply, full touch screen control, pure digital tuning, high power output, rapid heating, energy saving, we have more than 14 years experience in the induction heating industry.
2.Billet induction heater
Induction coil design is based on the size of the workpiece, heating speed; uniform design, combined with years of work engineers design, easy to control, with good thermal insulation properties of the temperature. External is using yellow board protection, more durable.
3. PLC control system
PLC man-machine interface, the user interface is very friendly, all digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, according to different countries and regions to provide the appropriate language switch, a key to the production date.

Based on the tenet of “science and technology are productivity and quality is life”, Forever vigorously introduces technology and talents. In the early years, it actively introduced advanced induction heating technology and concept from Germany and Britain. Currently we developed new intelligent induction heating equipment, on-line continuous casting billet induction heating equipment, intelligent digital IF power supply and a full range of products, which has widely applied on the market. The product can meet the heating requirments of various size of workpiece, providing mor than 1000 sets of indution billet heaters for customers.

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