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Mongolia billet induction heating equipment was successfully completed, ready for delivery

Mongolia billet induction heating equipment was successfully completed, ready for delivery

Billet induction heating equipment, which is customized made for Mongolia Zhong tian customer, has been finished today. After inspection by our customers, it will be ready to send to user’s plant.

Billet induction heating equipment specification and technical parameters

  • Equipment brand: Forever
  • Non-standard customization: yes
  • Billet size: 240 × 240 × 3000mm
  • Equipment power: KGPS2500KW
  • Billet maximum curvature before charging billet induction heater: Depending on the type of steel, it will have different degrees of curvature. If the billet curvature is greater than 3mm / m, how to do? Our billet induction heating equipment can adjust the induction coil size to to meet your requirements.

Feeding and guidance system: Each shaft independent motor reducer drive, set multi-axis drive, single inverter control, multi-axis synchronization. The components select well-known brands, so the quality is reliable and stable. Using 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheel, and the guide whee has moderate degree of flexibility to accommodate the billet within the allowable range of bending.

Billet induction heating equipment is using the latest MOS, IGBT inverter control technology, energy efficient and large output power.

The machine has the function of constant current and constant power control, which can optimize the metal heating process and achieve high efficient and rapid heating.
Forever billet induction heating equipment has timing function for the three stages of heating, holding and cooling. The heating and holding temperature can be adjustable by regulating the power.

Up to ten fault status protections including overcurrent, overvoltage, under water, and shortcomings provide protection and display for increasing reliability and ruggedness.

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