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Metal heating equipment

There are three main indexes to measure the quality of cooling water in induction heating furnace : total hardness, conductivity and suspended solid. The following editor will introduce them one by one.

1. The total concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in cooling water is called hardness. Hardness is divided into carbonate hardness and non-carbonate hardness. Total hardness is the combination of carbonate hardness and non-carbonate hardness. The hardness of cooling water in the flat wave reactor, inductor coil and inductor coil of frequency converter in metal heating equipment exceeds a certain value. With the increase of water temperature, the concentration of carbonate and non-carbonate in water gradually exceeds the saturation limit, resulting in scale. Scale is deposited on the inner wall of the coil to reduce the cross section area and increase the resistance of water circulation. If scaling occurs in a local position, a local overheating will occur and the coil will be burned out. If scale has been produced in the coil, it must be dealt with in a timely manner.

2. The conductivity of water is related to the resistance of water. The increase of salt content in cooling water will lead to the increase of conductivity. The leakage current of the charged cooling water will increase. According to the relevant regulations, when cooling live elements or components with water, the diameter, length and material of the cooling pipe should be selected according to its electrical circuit voltage, the leakage current should be limited to 20mA, and an insulated hose should be installed at the output end of the inductor coil. According to the experience, each 1kV voltage should be equipped with a long insulation hose of 1m. When the charged cooling water passes through the insulated hose, the resistance of the water reduces the leakage current to the allowable value.

3. The total solid cooling water of cooling water includes dissolved solid and suspended solid. The sum of the two is called the total solid. Soluble solid refers to all kinds of inorganic salt, organic matter and so on, which are still soluble in water after filtration. Suspended solids refer to suspended substances such as sediment, soil, organic matter and microorganisms that can be filtered out and insoluble in water.

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