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Medium frequency transverse heating furnace for billet

Main technical parameters of medium frequency transverse heating furnace for billet:

1. Power supply system: double rectifier 12 pulse or 24 pulse 1000kW ~ 12000kW / 500Hz ~ 1200Hz single power supply is used independently or multiple power supplies are used in parallel.

2. Production efficiency: 40-300 tons per hour

3. Scope of application: 120mm-160mm square billet, 3000mm-12000mm long

4. Feeding system: each shaft is driven by an independent motor reducer, which is equipped with multi shaft drive and controlled by a single frequency converter to make the multi shaft operation synchronous.

5. Guide system: adopt 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheel, and keep the axial direction of guide wheel with moderate elasticity to adapt to the bending within the allowable range of billet.

6. Temperature closed-loop system: the closed-loop control system is composed of American Leitai infrared thermometer and German Siemens S7. The power supply is automatically adjusted according to the initial temperature and feed speed of the steel billet entering the inductor to keep the heating temperature constant before discharging.

7. Industrial computer system: real-time display of current working parameters and status, billet parameter memory, storage, printing, fault alarm, automatic power reduction and constant temperature and many other powerful functions.

8. Energy conversion: according to the different surface temperature of billet, the power consumption per ton of steel is 20-60 ℃.

9. All digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, so that you can easily control the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment.

billet induction preheating furnace

Technological transformation project of billet online induction heating instead of gas and natural gas heating furnace:

The traditional steel rolling process is that the steel billets are cooled by stacking and transported to the steel rolling plant, then heated by the heating furnace and rolled into steel. There are two defects in this process:

1. After the billet is pulled out from the steel-making caster, there is a temperature of 700-900 ℃ on the cooling bed, and the latent heat of billet has not been effectively utilized.

2. After the billet is heated by the rolling heating equipment, the oxidation loss of the billet surface is about 1.5%.

Continuous casting and rolling are carried out in the transformation project of energy saving and emission reduction technology for the rolling workshop in view of the above problems, but the second defect of heating with regenerative heating furnace still exists. In order to fully save energy, our company and Chenggang Co., Ltd. of Hebei Iron and Steel Group carried out a joint study. In the first rolling mill of rod and wire rod, induction heating was used to carry out on-line warming and even temperature heating of continuous casting slab.



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