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medium frequency Steel tube induction heating furnace

Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always been a market-oriented, service-oriented, business oriented, and continuous improvement oriented professional customized manufacturer of steel tube medium frequency heating furnace. Main customized products: steel bar heating equipment, steel tube heating furnace, billet heating furnace, steel tube heat treatment equipment, steel bar hot rolling equipment box, etc., to meet your different process needs, welcome to inquire!

induction heating machineinduction heating machine

Advantages and features of steel tube medium frequency induction heating furnace:

1. The intelligent power supply has the advantages of high intelligence, precise temperature adjustment, automatic frequency conversion tracking, adaptive load changing, automatic power regulation and so on.

2. The reliability of continuous operation is very strong, 24-hour continuous operation for more than one year, during which there are many times of non-stop load change without any fault.

3. The flexible production adapted to the continuous automatic production line reduces the production of unqualified products and ensures the consistency of product quality.

4. Customized billet heating process selection system: users can obtain and store corresponding processing parameters through process debugging according to different billet categories processed

5. Intelligent control system customized operation monitoring system. Based on the refined management of high energy consumption in induction heating rolling industry, the electric energy management system specially developed by YUANTUO can monitor and record the energy consumption per ton and the total energy consumption per batch, and can effectively calculate and control the production cost. Quality monitoring system and quality traceability function; real-time monitoring / remote control of operation status; fault self diagnosis function / online display and processing; process customization and process parameter control.



Post time: 04-27-2020