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Medium frequency round steel heating furnace

If you buy medium frequency round steel heating furnace, you can search Baidu for FOREVER Electromechanical, more than 20 years of production experience of induction heating equipment, continuous technological renewal and reform, energy conservation, environmental protection and high production efficiency. It is a good project supported by the state all the time. The medium frequency round steel heating furnace is customized according to your needs.


Features of medium frequency round steel heating furnace:

1. The heating temperature control precision of medium frequency round steel heating furnace is very high, and the temperature difference between core and surface is low. There will be no harmful gas, smoke, strong light and other environmental pollution in the production process.

2. High degree of mechanization and automation: it has the advantages of high degree of intelligence of power supply, accurate temperature adjustment, automatic tracking of frequency conversion, adaptive load change and automatic power adjustment. It is a “one button” operation, that is, input preset parameters such as current, voltage and speed into the intelligent control system before production, and automatically complete the heating work after one button start, There is no need for personnel on duty to truly realize automatic and intelligent induction heating.

3. The medium frequency round steel bar heating furnace has a high success rate of startup: perfect intelligent protection and fault diagnosis, consistent product quality, low operation cost, convenient and fast commissioning, maintenance and spare parts, which can meet the needs of domestic users for high-end induction heating equipment.

4. The full-automatic frequency conversion power supply has a reliable beating protection function, and users can also individually customize the beating protection fault display function.


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