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The traditional metal heating furnace with high risk, poor precision and high failure rate can not meet the modern production of metal heating treatment. What should the metal heating treatment plant do? What equipment should the metal heating industry choose now?

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In recent years, we can hear many metal heating and treatment users say that, indeed, since the metal heating and treatment industry has higher and higher requirements on product accuracy, the traditional metal heating furnace in the market has been eliminated in large area, and the medium frequency induction heating equipment is more and more used, which has high precision, good safety, environmental protection and energy saving, and can meet the market demand of metal heating and treatment, and gradually become The mainstream metal heating processing equipment.

Which manufacturer is good for medium frequency induction heating furnace?

Compared with the traditional metal heating furnace, the requirements of process technology, production standards and core CNC processing equipment are higher. Not every equipment manufacturer has the ability to produce, so which manufacturer is better? Here, I suggest you go to Hebei FOREVER mechanical and electrical factory to learn about it.

1. The factory has been built for many years, with strong R & D strength, outstanding production capacity of a full set of CNC processing equipment, 17000 square meters of large green production plant can meet the precision processing and production of various parts, strong production strength, mastering a variety of advanced technologies, and cooperation with many domestic research institutions.

2. Pay attention to equipment quality and high precision. FOREVER electric strictly controls every process of medium frequency induction heating equipment production, strict QC inspection, precision manufacturing according to ISO9001 standard, high precision, good stability, low failure rate.

3. High quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services can make customers feel at ease, solve various problems of users timely and effectively, install equipment on site free of charge, guide production and operation, and make customers feel at ease.



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