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Medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace can replace the traditional heating method

Medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace can replace the traditional heating method

Forever induction heat treatment furnace prefer to get to know our market and customers to better understand the users’ real requirement. As we know it clearly, our engineer can make the most suitable proposal for customers. Such as user’s plant power condition, water quality, the Max. and Min. temperature and so on. Then we can give special design as per their local conditions.

IGBT, soft switch resonant double control and frequency automatic tracking system, MOSFET device and unique frequency conversion technology are used for induction heat treatment furnace to achieve the purpose of getting good effect and stable operation all the time. With constant current and power control function, the heating process of metal is greatly optimized.

The medium frequency Induction heat treatment furnace can save electricity by 50% compared with the high cycle electron tube heating equipment under the same conditions, without high cycle radiation and no high cycle drying. It has reduced power load and power capacity with 100% full load design,so medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace can work continuously for twenty-four hours.

The medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace replaces the heating methods of oxyacetylene flame, coke-fired furnace, salt bath furnace, gas stove, oil stove and so on.

The heating speed is very fast and the overheat is very high. The austenite grain will not grow up in a short time, so the quenching temperature is much higher than that of the ordinary quenching temperature. For workpiece with hardening layer depth requirement, the surface heating temperature should be higher. For simultaneous heating and quenching, the temperature on the surface of the workpiece depends on the heating time.The longer the time is, the higher the surface temperature is.

For the medium used for long bar quenching furnace, water is a commonly used as quenching medium. It is suitable for quenching carbon steel whose carbon content is less than 0.6%. For carbon steel and carbon steel with carbon content greater than 0.6%, emulsion or other water-soluble quenching medium can be used. During quenching process, the cooling capacity of quenching medium can be adjusted by medium temperature, pressure and flow rate, and keep stable so as to ensure uniform cooling.

Forever is specialized in the design, research, development, production, sales and service of new energy saving and environmental protection products, automation, intelligent products and new induction billet heater.The products are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, energy and other dozens of industries.



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