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Medium frequency induction furnace

Under the policy of energy conservation and environmental protection, medium frequency induction heating furnace emerges as the times require. However, the investment cost of investment in medium frequency induction furnace is not low, which also causes many users’ concerns and consultation, such as which manufacturer is good and how much the specific quotation is. Therefore, this paper will answer and analyze the relevant questions in detail for your reference.

Intermediate frequency induction furnace which home is good?

In fact, the induction medium frequency furnace has been questioned at the beginning, and its sales volume has been increasing. At the same time, many manufacturers have been looking at its development prospects and started to produce them one after another. However, if there is no in place technology and careful material selection, most of the equipment produced can be called defective products. Today, we would like to recommend FOREVER Electromechanical, a large-scale factory with 17000 square meters of modern factory buildings.

The first reason is that the technology is ahead, and FOREVER’s electromechanical energy is independently produced, which does not rely on import. At the same time, the technology is not inferior to other imported equipment at all;

Reason 2: since the establishment of the factory, FOREVER has always followed the enterprise concept that quality is life. In the research and development of medium frequency induction furnace, it emphasizes the material and technology to ensure that each equipment can achieve high quality;

Reason 3: one stop service, after the equipment is delivered to the user, it does not mean that the task has been completed, but can continue to track and ensure that the user has no problem in the follow-up process. FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. can guarantee your rights and interests throughout the process from customized to after-sale free maintenance!

How much is the medium frequency induction furnace?

Believe that the medium frequency heating equipment friends know that the equipment is non-standard customized equipment, each set of equipment investment in energy, process production will have some differences, the price naturally can not be compared with the same day, more detailed and accurate quotation, please call our company’s detailed inquiry telephone.


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