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Medium frequency induction furnace

As a professional manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating furnace, Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical customer service and business calls will receive a lot of customer consultation. After our summary of customer problems, we found that many customers asked how much YUANTUO medium frequency induction furnace costs when they opened their mouth? For this question, the reception staff of YUANTUO will carefully ask the customers about the width, thickness, material, equipment matching, etc. some customers don’t understand, why do they ask so many questions? It is because of the wide variety of Induction heating equipment, processing workpiece size, heating processing capacity of the scope of application, so it needs to be selected according to the needs.

How much is the specific Medium frequency furnace? No matter which induction heating furnace manufacturer offers, it must be quoted according to the specific material parameters and requirements. Because of the material, size and production capacity of the workpiece, the induction heating equipment manufacturer can not quote the price in one mouth. If the price is determined, the medium frequency induction furnace sold by the manufacturer will not have any problems, and the focus is on customers Do households really buy the equipment they need? YUANTUO mechanical and electrical has encountered the situation that customers choose to make mistakes, so they have to buy a set of Induction heating furnace that meets the requirements for production. As a result, the purchasing cost of metal heating treatment customers is increased substantially.

The above is the answer to the question of how much is the medium frequency induction furnace! If you have any problems in the selection and use of medium frequency induction furnace, please call us! We will provide you with professional one-on-one visit service!


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