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Making use of induction billet heater, energy saving and environmental protection maximization!

Making use of induction billet heater, energy saving and environmental protection maximization!

Induction billet heater is a new type of energy saving and environmental induction heating equipment, but if the workpiece and process of induction billet heater are not suitable, even the energy saving induction heating furnace will cause the waste of electric energy. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary waste, Forever will give you some suggestions.

Forever is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, production and sale of induction billet heater. After years of efforts, we have developed a series of perfect induction billet heater to meet the different needs of the vast number of users. It makes full use of advanced technology and management concept of the frontier, and combines modern industrial advanced manufacturing technology, and provides timely quality and reliable equipment for customers through the full range of pre sales and after-sales service.

When buying induction billet heater, we need to select suitable frequency and power type induction heating furnace. The frequency should meet the principle of short heating period and small heat loss. The type of equipment should be selected according to the workpiece process, and the efficiency of the transformer should also be considered. For example, the efficiency of solid-state power is higher than that of tubular high frequency power supply. Under the same process conditions, the efficiency of selecting solid-state power as solid-state power is higher than that of thyristor. Therefore, we should choose IGBT or MOSFET power. The efficiency and water consumption of different types of transformers are very different.

The heating efficiency of the intermediate frequency induction billet hetaer is greatly related to the inductor design. Reasonable design of induction billet heater should ensure a 80% efficiency. But the bad design may be only 30% of the efficiency. Therefore, engineers should be cautious when designing and manufacturing inductors.

Forever has been exploring and innovating for many years, and constantly achieved self transcendence. In order to create a high quality induction billet heater brand, we welcome you to call us to discuss the project cooperation with us. We will be your trustworthy partner.

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