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Long bar quenching furnace is really different from quenching by traditional heating method.

Long bar quenching furnace is really different from quenching by traditional heating method.

Forever has been established for more than ten years, and is the leading manufacturer of Long bar quenching furnace in China. For many years, it has been devoted to research, development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, maintenance, renewal and renovation of long bar heat treatment machine, pipe heat treatment equipment, rod heat treatment equipment, billet heating furnace and other automatic medium frequency induction heating equipment. Relying on the professional design team, advanced production technology, efficient management and control, perfect quality system, complete after-sales service, Forever has become a well deserved leader in automatic energy saving and efficient Long bar quenching furnace in China.

Quenching is a method of heat treatment of metal materials, which is to heat up the workpiece to austenitizing temperature and keep it for a period of time according to demand. Then the structure was rapidly cooled to obtain higher hardness and strength than the original one, so as to enhance the mechanical properties of the material and increase the durability of the material.

The traditional quenching methods not only have serious environmental pollution, but also the quality of the products has not been guaranteed. Many customers have been looking for solutions. Now, we don’t have to worry about these problems again.

The quenching heat treatment technology made by medium frequency induction hardening equipment makes the workpiece difficult to oxidize and decarbonization, and the heating speed is very fast, the hardened layer is deep, the operation is easy to control, the mechanization can be realized, the workpiece can be quenched locally and the surface is quenched. The technology can accurately heat the parts of the workpiece and be equipped with pyrometer. The external test thermometer ensures the quenching quality of the workpiece effectively.

The Forever Long bar quenching furnace not only improves in the quality of the products, but also greatly improved in environmental protection. Now there is no need to worry about the health hazards caused by the traditional heating method. The Long bar quenching furnace is energy saving, environmental protection and pollution free, so that the cost of your production will be reduced.

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